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What is Volve?

Volve is the better way to manage expenses and corporate credit cards! Our spend management platform makes it easier than ever to track business spending in real-time using physical and virtual corporate prepaid cards and our expense management software. We streamline your entire business expense cycle from payment to reconciliation, so you can save time and personnel resources in having to track down expense documents. With Volve, you can keep track of corporate spending, authorize expenses and more, all from one simple-to-use system with mobile apps.

What is a Volve virtual card?

We have partnered with Visa to offer you a corporate prepaid card that can be stored on any phone or computer. While physical cards are great for in-store purchases, there are a wide range of benefits that come with our virtual cards:

  1. Employees can receive access to several virtual cards each linked to specific spending categories, allowing you to organize spending from the start.
  2. Enhanced fraud protection makes virtual cards perfect for online purchases without worrying about where your employees are.
  3. Everything from software subscriptions to digital ad payments can be made automatically through the cards.
  4. You can view all balances and activities of the virtual cards in real-time, allowing you to control budgets and ensure spending activities meet guidelines.

Does Volve integrate with my accounting system?

Volve’s spend management software is able to export transaction data in XLSX and CSV formats, which can be read by all common accounting systems, in just two clicks.

Who can apply for a Volve corporate card?

The Volve 2-in-1 corporate prepaid card is available to all corporations and non-individual limited liability companies that are incorporated in Singapore. Not in Singapore? No problem! You can still benefit from Volve’s stand-alone corporate expense management platform by clicking here.

How does Volve help my company save money?

Our system offers you complete control, visibility and management of company-wide spending in real-time. Volve saves you countless hours of employee work on organizing and submitting expense documentation. Plus, we offer valuable insights on productivity, spending, and workflow efficiency, allowing you to optimize your business processes on a regular basis.

How can Volve help my business save time?

Just think about how much time and working hours are spent by your team having to gather, submit, and reconcile expense documentation. With Volve, you have automated transaction records that are instantly added to the system, while expenses made not using the Volve card can be quickly captured and added to the system thanks to our powerful multi-language OCR technology. With dynamic reporting and automatic finance processing, employees receive their reimbursement at the end of each month with only a fraction of the effort!

Does Volve require a personal guarantee?

No! Business owners are not personally liable for business expenses beyond the prefunded amount, so you simply need to allocate funds to the Volve card account to be used by your business.

Is Volve a credit card?

Volve is a Visa corporate prepaid card. This means that while it has all the benefits of being able to pay for products and services anywhere in the world, there is no credit involved. You control all spending by adding funds to the account, keeping you in control of your budget and safe from overspending.

Why should I use Volve over other corporate credit cards?

Because Volve is the next generation of corporate cards. Beyond a simple card, Volve is connected with our dynamic spend management software that allows your team to pay, submit expenses, manage budgets, and more, while your finance team can easily reconcile everything through our platform.

Why should I use Volve for business expenses instead of my debit card?

Volve offers layers of security and fraud protection that your debit card simply does not! Offering your debit card to an employee would give them access to all the funds in your company’s bank account. Using Volve, you can allocate funds for specific spending categories to promote smart spending activities, which can be tracked in real-time.

What type of company is Volve suitable for?

Volve is a business expense manager that works perfectly with business of all shapes, sizes, and industries. Our system is designed to streamline business spending and reconciliation whether you are a 5-person start-up or a large corporation. We even offer custom solutions for large companies planning on using more than 50 corporate credit cards.

Why are people switching to Volve?

Volve offers a fast, simple, online application rather than the paper-based drawn-out process offered by other business credit card providers. Volve’s all-in-one corporate spend solution features an integrated software suite that makes expense management, accounting and budgeting simpler, faster and more accurate.

What is spend management?

Spend management is the process through which companies manage business spending. Spend can broadly be categorised into strategic and operational spend:

  1. Strategic spend is usually centralized and managed by C-level executives with dedicated spenders. This is commonly managed through invoices, wire transfers and purchase orders.
  2. Operational and discretionary spend is undertaken by managers and employees to carry out their responsibilities. This includes card purchases, subscription payments, digital ads, events, office orders, and business travel. Expenses, unlike strategic spend, represent a significant amount of small purchases that are often difficult to track, such as card payments, expense claims, team perks, and travel expenses.

Spend management takes into account the end-to-end spend process from getting purchase approvals, providing payment methods, submitting and processing invoices, submitting and reimbursing expense claims, chasing receipts and invoices for reconciliation, and assigning the right analytical codes, expense accounts along with GST resp. VAT rates to all those expenses for bookkeeping. User-friendly spend management tools, like Volve, become more necessary when the number of employees increases and the need for clear processes, better visibility and control becomes more pronounced for the finance function.

How does Volve help me better manage my business expenses?

As a business owner, you want to ensure that your employees are contributing to your company’s financial health, rather than taking advantage of it. Volve’s online expense management system is equipped with a wide range of smart features that keep you in control of corporate expenses. You can set budgets, access real-time spending data per person or category, limit card usage, and take many more actions that optimize spending management.

How does Volve impact my external accountant?

If you are a small or medium-sized business that uses an external accountant, then they are going to have much more time to focus on other aspects of your business. Since Volve streamlines the expense process using automation, there is no need for manual data-entry or calculations. This can save you either time or money when working with an external accountant, your choice!

What is a prepaid card? Is it different to a debit card?

A prepayment or prepaid card is not linked to your current bank account. This means that spending is limited to the amount of funds that have been loaded onto your specific card account. A debit card on the other hand is linked to your current bank account. Volve is a Visa corporate prepaid card.

Is there a Mastercard alternative to the Volve Visa corporate prepaid card?

At the moment, the Volve corporate prepaid card is exclusively linked to the Visa network. However, as we are always looking for ways to enhance our client experience, you can check back in the future for updates on our product development.

I am a small business owner. Is Volve for me?

Absolutely! Even with a small team (or a one-person operation), Volve’s spend management software will save you countless hours with our automated financial reporting. You can control budgets, monitor spending, and organize your expenses based on categories that you set. We recommend that you register for the free 30-day trial now to discover all the benefits of our platform.

Do the rules for Mastercard apply to Visa?

Mastercard and Visa are different card networks and feature differences in the rules, regulations and policies. For details, please visit the websites of Mastercard and Visa respectively.

Who is the issuer of the Volve Visa corporate prepaid card?

The Volve Visa corporate prepaid card is issued by PayrNet Pte Ltd (UEN 201913150C), a company incorporated in Singapore and having its registered address at 160 Robinson Road, #14-04, Singapore 068914, pursuant to a license by Visa International Incorporated. PayrNet Pte Ltd is part of the Railsbank group of companies, and carry out account issuance, domestic money transfer, and e-money issuance services in Singapore. PayrNet Pte Ltd is currently exempted by the Monetary Authority of Singapore pursuant to the Payment Services (Exemption for Specified Period) Regulations 2019.

What pricing plans do you offer?

To meet the needs of different businesses, we offer two distinct pricing plans. GROWTH PLAN (‘Per User’ Plan) You are charged a small monthly fee based on the number of users set up in Volve’s spend management solution. This plan is recommended for small and medium-sized businesses. You can learn more about the GROWTH PLAN here. ENTERPRISE PLAN (‘Per Active User’ Plan) Based on user frequency, you can order as many Volve Visa corporate prepaid cards as you need and are not billed unless an employee actually uses the card in a given month. We recommend this plan for companies with over 30 employees. You can learn more about the ENTERPRISE PLAN here. CUSTOM PLAN If you are a business planning to use more than 50 Volve Visa corporate prepaid cards, then we can offer you a customised plan based on your needs. Contact us today to save money with a custom plan. All plans include free virtual Volve Visa cards!

How are we charged for using Volve?

We make billing extremely simple for using Volve. Once you register, your monthly subscription and any associated fees will be automatically deducted from your account.

What is considered an ‘active user’ with Volve?

To help reduce your costs and maximize value, we offer flexible pricing that means you only pay when your team is actually using Volve. That is why we have created the Enterprise Plan (or ‘Per Active User’ Plan), so you do not have to calculate exactly how many people from your organisation will use the card each month. We consider an ‘active user’ as a team member that uses a Volve corporate prepaid card or logs into Volve for activity in any given month.

Is Volve easy to implement in my company?

We have developed Volve to be a Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) expense management solution that can be integrated into your business quickly and seamlessly within a day. All you need to do is have users download the mobile app – no installation or servers required! Most clients implement Volve into their current finance solutions in less than one hour. But, if you require any assistance in adding Volve to your business, you can contact our support team at any time for full assistance.

In which countries is Volve available?

Currently, the Volve 2-in-1 corporate prepaid card is only available for businesses registered in Singapore. However, businesses around the world can take advantage of our stand-alone corporate expense management platform featuring powerful multi-language OCR technology. Plus, we are working hard to get the Volve corporate cards into new countries as quickly as possible!

Can the Volve corporate card be used anywhere?

Of course! Your Volve Visa corporate prepaid card can be used in the over 60 million locations worldwide that accept Visa.

How do I add funds to the Volve Visa corporate prepaid card?

It’s extremely easy to add funds to your prepaid cards. All you need to do is make a telegraphic transfer from your account to the card account and the funds will be available within 1-2 days. Then, you can issue physical and virtual cards to your team and start spending!

How can I receive help with my Volve cards or account?

Our helpful support team is always available by calling +65 6797 9616, by live chat below or via email.

Do I still need to fill out expense reports with Volve?

No! Volve was created to eliminate all the time and effort that it takes to manually gather your expenses, submit them, and then wait for the finance team to process all the information. The Volve Visa corporate prepaid card allows every transaction to be automatically uploaded in the system, creating organised expense reports as soon as a purchase is made. This auto-fill function means that you won’t have to spend hours on tedious paperwork or worry about losing receipts, while the finance team can reconcile your expenses in minutes!

Are the Volve Visa corporate prepaid cards secure?

Each Volve Visa corporate prepaid card includes 3D secure technology, a free service facilitated by Visa to ensure the security of every transaction. Any 3D secure merchant website will require a Verified by Visa password protection check to be passed, keeping every transaction safe and secure.

What credit card network does Volve operate on?

Volve has partnered with Visa, meaning the card includes all the advantages of a prepaid Visa card with the added benefit of our expense management technology.

How do I register for Volve?

To sign up for Volve now, please click here. As part of the application process, we will need some basic information about your company including data on the company’s owners and directors. Then, you will just need to link at least one of your company’s bank accounts to the Volve account as part of our Know Your Business (KYB) verification process.

Is Volve a business card or a corporate card?

The best thing about Volve is that because you can categorize spending between daily expenses, meetings, lunches, travel, and anything else you want, it can be both! Our flexible solutions and automatic uploading of all transaction data keeps your spending within the budgets that you set out for specific elements of your business.

Which languages does Volve's Optical Character Recognition (OCR) technology support?

Our OCR scanner is designed to handle most languages. As many of our customers are based in South-East Asia, there is a particular focus on the region’s most common languages: Malay, Indonesian, Thai, Vietnamese, Simplified Chinese, Traditional Chinese, Tagalog, Hindi and Tamil. But we also support many Western languages, such as English, Spanish, German, French, and Portuguese. Try us out and challenge our receipt scanning function!

How is my data protected?

Volve is committed to maintain the trust and confidence of all its customers and prospective customers in its handling of personal data. The collection, use, disclosure and care of your personal data is governed by the Personal Data Protection Act of Singapore (No. 26 of 2012) of Singapore. For more details, please refer to our Privacy Policy here.

What should I do when I suspect a fraudulent transaction?

Please immediately block your card in the Volve mobile app and contact us at for assistance. To reduce the risk of unauthorised transactions, we recommend that your push notifications are turned on following each card transaction. If there are unrecognised transactions on your Volve card, we can also help you process a disputed claim with Visa. The outcome is dependent on the result of the Visa claims resolution process. To expedite the process, please contact the merchant directly to inform them of the unauthorised transaction and request that they withhold the purchase and arrange a refund to your card. If the merchant does not agree to a refund but is agreeable to a dispute claims resolution process, please ensure that you obtain evidence of the merchant’s agreement. Kindly note that there is a transaction dispute fee applicable to the disputed amount, which you would need to pay to commence with the proceedings. Please note that transaction disputes can only be made within 30 days of the transaction being made and can take up to 45 days to be processed.

How do you protect me from fraud?

Volve offers protection from unauthorized transactions so you can always be assured that your funds are secure. When you report an unauthorized transaction, please immediately block your card in the profile section of the Volve mobile app to prevent additional fraudulent behaviour on your account and contact us at for a new card to be issued. Our support team is available via chat, phone, and email to help you 24/7 to process the disputed claim with Visa. Following the Visa claims resolution process, your account will be credited for the disputed amounts in 45 business days if the dispute case(s) are resolved in your favour. To reduce the risk on any unauthorised transactions, we recommend that your push notifications are turned on following each card transaction. To expedite the process, please contact the merchant directly to inform them of the unauthorised transaction(s) and request that they withhold the purchase and arrange a refund to your card. If the merchant does not agree to a refund but is agreeable to a dispute claims resolution process, please ensure that you obtain evidence of the merchant’s agreement. Kindly note that there is a transaction dispute fee of S$35 which you would need to pay to commence with the proceedings. For us to proceed with the dispute resolution process we will require a declaration of suspect transactions – you just need to list out the unrecognised transactions on a separate page (what happened: date, time, location, which card, why do you need the transaction dispute). Please note that transaction disputes can only be made within 30 days of the transaction being made.

Where is my money held?

Your funds will be held in a safeguarded account with DBS Bank Ltd in exchange for the issuance of e-money to you. Your funds will not be used for any other purpose by either Volve Solutions Pte Ltd or PayrNet Pte Ltd. In the unlikely event that either Volve Solutions Pte Ltd or PayrNet Pte Ltd become insolvent, your funds will be protected in our safeguarding bank in Singapore. Your funds may be commingled with those received from our other customers. You may not get all your money back if the Safeguarded Account does not contain enough funds to meet any payouts or our safeguarding bank becomes insolvent.

What is the Volve Travel Concierge?

The Volve Travel Concierge is a personalized corporate travel assistance service offered in cooperation with The Wander Clan Pte Ltd, a private travel company based in Singapore. We are leveraging their expertise and network of leading travel partner programs to give you peace of mind: Leave the logistics to us, and rely on your advisor for insight and support every step of the way. We book hotels, flights, trains, car rentals, private excursions & guides, limousine service, travel insurance and more. Last-minute cancellations, border closures, unexpected changes – your personal travel advisor has you covered, now more than ever. And, yes, we also cater to your MICE and incentive travel needs.

Who has access to the Volve Travel Concierge?

For now, this exclusive service is offered to all clients of Volve. In the future, we may however limit access to the concierge service to Volve’s premium membership tier.

Can you give me examples of the benefits provided?

Using the Volve Travel Concierge gives you and your company access to preferential hotel rates and travel packages. You will also enjoy the benefits of the VIP programs of some of the world’s most esteemed hotel brands. More examples of what your personal assistant can do for you:

  1. Personalized planning: Trips and experiences you want (and those unforgettable moments you didn’t even know were possible), tailored to your interests.
  2. Travel perks: From hotel room upgrades to complimentary breakfasts and spa treatments, exclusive cruise excursions, etc.
  3. VIP access around the globe: See the Sistine Chapel after hours, skip the lines at Angkor Wat, explore the Galápagos Islands with a third-generation naturalist guide, and more.
  4. Insider knowledge: Thanks to their own travels and personal relationships with partners around the world, your Volve Travel Concierge can make trip recommendations well beyond the expected.

Do you have trip minimums or require a certain budget for a trip?

There is no minimum budget requirement to reach out to your Volve Travel Concierge. You will get the most value when booking our partner hotels, which are all 5-star hotels that focus on the luxury segment. Before starting to plan any corporate travel, your personal assistant will reach out to understand the requirements and preferences.

How do your services differ from others, such as AmEx Fine Hotels & Resorts?

The main benefit is the personal relationship with your concierge: You have a dedicated advisor who understands your needs and preferences, and is able to anticipate requests for your trip. The amenities are similar (upgrade at check-in, food and beverage or spa credit, early check-in/late check-out, complimentary breakfast daily), but if you stay at a preferred partner hotel, you will be prioritized over all bookings, including those made via AmEx Fine Hotels and Resorts or other programs!

I already have status with Marriott/Bonvoy or an other hotel brand. Is there any benefit in booking through you?

Absolutely! When booking your stay at any Bonvoy property for example, we will always include your membership number. The advantage is that you will earn special perks from us and also from Marriott. You will also earn all the points. Examples of our additional value/benefits are upgrades, complimentary breakfast, hotel credits, and more.

Is there a cost associated with Volve Travel Concierge?

For simple hotel bookings, we do not charge any travel planning fee. For more complex corporate travel itineraries that include transfers, multiple hotels, restaurant reservations, etc. we will charge a small travel planning fee upfront. The up-front planning fee covers the time, expertise, resources, and relationships to tailor the trip specifically to your tastes and budget. Since the onset of Covid-19, travel planning has become more complicated as we navigate travel restrictions, entry protocols, border closures and re-openings. Potential cancellations and rescheduling are an invaluable benefit covered.

How do I pay for travels arranged by Volve Travel Concierge?

For simple hotel bookings we facilitate the booking and payment, then you pay each hotel directly with your Volve Visa corporate card. For more complex itineraries, we summarize all positions and charge you for the whole trip. Your personal assistant will pay every supplier on your behalf. If a trip planning fee is applicable, this will be discussed up front when we talk about your corporate trip needs/wishes and is based on the complexity of the trip. Travel planning fees are due up front prior to building an itinerary and providing a proposal.

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