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We do not require personal guarantees, credit scores or security deposits.

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Use your Volve virtual card right away upon topping up your Volve account; your physical Volve card will reach you in 3-5 business days.

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Load your Volve account and cards fast, with no fees.

Stay in control while empowering employees

You define custom rights, rules and limitations for each user.

24/7 fraud detection

You are not liable for unauthorized transactions with fraud monitoring, ID theft and purchase protection.

Premium customer support

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How can I experience Volve?

Who can apply for a Volve company card?

The Volve 2-in-1 corporate card and spend management solution is available to any corporations and non-individual limited liability companies incorporated in Singapore. If you are part of a business that is looking for a simpler, faster, more productive solution to expense management, then you should try Volve now! It is free to test for 30 days. We regret that we are currently not accepting individuals, sole proprietors, and other types of unregistered businesses. Also, Volve will be extended to include more countries soon. Companies that are not registered in Singapore can apply here for the Volve corporate expense management solution.

How do I sign up?

Sign up for Volve at www.volve.cc/sign-up. As part of the application process, you will be asked to fill out details about your company, such as corporate formation information and personal information of the company's directors. You will also be required to provide information about at least one your company's bank accounts. Volve requires this information as part of the Know-your-business (KYB) and Know-your-customer (KYC) verification on your business and your business' key personnel. For any questions about your application, please write to us at support@volve.cc.

How do you protect me from fraud?

When you report an unauthorized transaction, please immediately block your card in the profile section of the Volve mobile app to prevent additional fraudulent behaviour on your account and contact us at support@volve.cc for a new card to be issued. Our support team is available via chat, phone, and email to help you 24/7 to process the disputed claim with Visa. Following the Visa claims resolution process, your account will be credited for the disputed amounts in 45 business days if the dispute case(s) are resolved in your favour.

What makes Volve different from other corporate cards on the market?

Volve is the most advanced corporate card and comes with a comprehensive spend management software. Cardholders can pay, submit, manage and track expenses in seconds, on-the-go. Transparent, accurate and integrated expense management, including corporate travel management, has never been simpler.
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