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Automated Reporting

Responsible Spending

Everywhere, Anywhere

Visibility and Control

Fast and Painless

Automated Reporting

Effortless finance reconciliation

Accounting codes are tagged on every spend for full visibility on authorisation trails. Say hello to faster month-end closings.

Dynamic reporting with real-time updates

With changes automatically synced, you are assured of complete and accurate spend data with a clear view into overall cash flow.

Instantly populates expense reports

Manual entries, deciphering crumpled receipts, missing documentation and slow approval processes are now a thing of the past.

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Automated Reporting

Responsible Spending

Built-in approval workflows

Set spending limits with pre-defined budgets and expense categories to monitor, track, reconcile and report in real-time.

Automated claims control

Approve expenses with ease. Non-compliant and non-reimbursable submissions are filtered while providing against double-dipping.

Stay on top of finances

The ultimate CFO’s dream: forecast more accurately, manage budgets more effectively and achieve corporate compliance fully.

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Responsible Spending

Everywhere, Anywhere

Pay easily online or in-store

Enjoy fast and secure checkouts without using personal funds or having to raise a cash advance to front business expenses.

Submit expenses on the go

Photograph your receipt and your expense report is done for you! Simply review and click submit. No manual entry is required.

Review and approve from a mobile phone

With compliance checks and controls on autopilot, a one-tap approval can be made with ease. No more bottlenecks and hold ups.

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Everywhere, Anywhere

Visibility and Control

Real-time visibility over spend

We are not for month-end surprises either. See who is spending and why. Know and trust that finances are up-to-date and accurate.

Connected overview

Translate growth strategies into reality with clearer financial insights. Channel budgets to top corporate priorities that scale.

Simplifies processes and saves money

Looking to identify opportunities for more cost savings? Streamline the expense-related processes for better understanding.

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Visibility and Control

Fast and Painless

All-in-one spend management solution

Expense policies have never been simpler to follow. Automated logging ensures complete in-policy expense report submission.

Error-free claim submissions

It is time for effortless month-end closing. No more false reports, correcting inaccuracies and chasing for supporting documentation.

Automated expense reporting

Agile routing and document sharing completely eliminates hours previously spent reconciling receipts into spreadsheets.

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Fast and Painless

What makes Volve better?

Other Corporate Cards

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Other Corporate Cards
Employees are empowered with monthly budgets
Zero financial burden on your employees
Seamless finance reconciliation with predefined accounting codes
Lowered business risk with no connection to the company current account
Manage out-of-budget purchases with virtual cards

How do I benefit from Volve?

Can the Volve corporate card be used anywhere?

Of course! Your Volve Visa corporate prepaid card can be used in the over 60 million locations worldwide that accept Visa.

How is my data protected?

Volve is committed to maintain the trust and confidence of all its customers and prospective customers in its handling of personal data. The collection, use, disclosure and care of your personal data is governed by the Personal Data Protection Act of Singapore (No. 26 of 2012) of Singapore. For more details, please refer to our Privacy Policy here.

Does Volve integrate with my accounting system?

Volve’s spend management software is able to export transaction data in XLSX and CSV formats, which can be read by all common accounting systems, in just two clicks.

I am a small business owner. Is Volve for me?

Absolutely! Even with a small team (or a one-person operation), Volve’s spend management software will save you countless hours with our automated financial reporting. You can control budgets, monitor spending, and organize your expenses based on categories that you set. We recommend that you register for the free 30-day trial now to discover all the benefits of our platform.
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