Volve Payment Terms

Last updated on 1 June 2020

In addition to the Terms of Service, these supplemental Payment Terms constitute a legal agreement between you and Volve Solutions Pte Ltd. These Payment Terms set out how you will pay for Volve. If you have any questions about these Payment Terms, or require further information before agreeing to them, you should speak to your contact person at Volve or contact us via live chat or email at support@volve.cc.

Unless otherwise defined, capitalised terms have the same meanings as defined in our Terms of Service.

  1. Contract term

    Unless otherwise agreed between the parties, the licence to access and use our Platform, and your payment obligations come into force at the date you accept the Terms of Service, for an indefinite period.

  2. Automatic renewal

    1. Standard subscriptions that are paid monthly or quarterly can be terminated upon one (1) month prior notice. Subscriptions with terms of twelve (12) months or longer can be terminated upon prior notice given at least three (3) months before the end of the subscription period.

    2. Unless you notify us in writing of your decision not to renew your subscription within the above notice periods, your subscription will automatically renew at the then-current fee.

  3. Subscriptions based on “cardholder” pricing scheme

    1. For subscriptions based on the “cardholder” pricing scheme, the first element of the monthly subscription fee is charged per physical card issued at the end of the month. Temporarily blocked (frozen) cards count as issued cards.

    2. The second element of the subscription fee (if any) is charged for users recorded in the system who are not cardholders. It is determined according to the prevailing rate and charging mechanism of the “active user” pricing scheme.

    3. Subscriptions based on the “cardholder” pricing scheme incur a minimum monthly account fee corresponding to the prevailing rate of one cardholder.

  4. Subscriptions based on “active user” pricing scheme

    1. For subscriptions based on the “active user” pricing scheme, the monthly subscription fee is charged per user who has made a transaction with their card or submitted an expense during a month.

    2. Subscriptions based on the “active user” pricing scheme incur a minimum monthly account fee corresponding to the prevailing rate of four active users.

  5. Payment

    1. You explicitly authorise us to automatically deduct any outstanding amounts from the balance held in your Volve account. If we are unable to collect all outstanding amounts due to insufficient funds in your Volve account, you have to arrange payment of all outstanding amounts as stated in invoices issued to you within fourteen (14) days of the invoice date.

    2. There may be one-off fees for certain services that you purchase, those will be charged at the start of your subscription and from time to time when you purchase those services during your subscription.

    3. If you decide to cancel your subscription before the end of the contract term, you will be liable to pay us the monthly fee multiplied by the number of months remaining in the contract term as a cancellation fee.

    4. We will not provide any refund for remaining prepaid fees, if any.

    5. For the avoidance of doubt, in addition to the subscription fee certain fees and charges associated with the use of the Volve prepaid cards apply. The use of the prepaid cards is regulated by the Cardholder Terms and Conditions. The fees and charges are set out in the Fee Schedule.

  6. Your details

    1. You must keep your personal, company, and payment details up to date to avoid any invalid payments. You acknowledge that you are responsible for maintaining the security of, and restricting access to, your account and password, and you agree to accept responsibility for all purchases and other activities that occur under your account.

    2. You may update any of your billing information through the Platform or by contacting us directly by live chat or by email on support@volve.cc.

  7. Invalid payments

    If a payment is not successfully settled due to insufficient funds in your Volve account, expiration of your credit card or otherwise, you remain responsible for any amounts not remitted to us. We may, at our discretion, either continue billing your credit card (or a different credit card provided by you) or invoice you for the deficient amount. In the event of prolonged unsettled payments, we may, at our discretion, suspend or terminate your access to our Platform.

  8. Changes to these terms

    We may amend these Payment Terms from time to time by posting the updated terms on our website. It is your responsibility to review these Payment Terms periodically. If we make any material changes to these Payment Terms, we will notify you by in-app notification or by email to the email address registered with us. By continuing to use our Platform after the changes come into effect means that you agree to be bound by the revised Payment Terms. If you do not agree to the Payment Terms, now or at any time, please do not use the Platform.

  9. Governing law and dispute resolution

    Clause 16 (Governing law and dispute resolution) of the Terms of Service applies to the interpretation of and any disputes arising out of these Payment Terms.