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Finance Department

Budget Owners

Volve Card Users

Finance Department

Dynamic reporting

With changes automatically synced, visibility over the company’s finance and access to expense data is always in real time.

Automated expense reporting

Accounting codes are allocated instantly to every spend, providing a full and complete overview on authorisation and audit trails.

Agile routing and document sharing

Enhanced visibility and seamless integration eliminates all previous manual efforts spent reconciling receipts into spreadsheets.

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Budget Owners

Track and control on-the-go

Review, approve, reject claims in seconds, with the assurance that submissions are in compliance with the company’s expense policy.

Proactive management

Receive a text notification each time an expense report is submitted. Complete the approval process in just one-tap.

Streamlined workflow integration

Get greater visibility on spend from anywhere, with less time being spent on administration and managing those administering.

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Volve Card Users

Smart prepaid corporate card

Enjoy the flexibility and faster access to funds, with the convenience of a card that is managed centrally and used remotely.

Digital receipt management

Say goodbye to manual paper-based approaches. Simply take a photo of the receipt with the app, review the entry and submit.

Keep track of spend easily

Digitizing the receipt process manages storing of records. No more missing receipts and forgotten claims.

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Volve changes the way work gets done

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A must if your company has ticked two or more of the following:

  • We are looking to simplify your accounting processes
  • We incur online payments made via credit card, e.g. software subscriptions, recurring bills, online purchases
  • We have more than 5 employees incurring expenses out of the office or while travelling
  • We are a construction, engineering, consulting, logistics or shipping company
  • We outsourced the accounting function
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