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per active user/month
per active user
Designed for
Companies with more than 30 employees
Physical cards
one per user
Virtual cards for subscriptions and online payments
Minimum number of users
Set recurring monthly spend limits per user
Automated pre-accounting workflow
Supports cost centre and project accounting
Multi-currency and multi-entity management
Automated GST/VAT calculation
Supports multiple tax rates per country
Real-time dashboard
Multi-language OCR receipt capture for cash spend
Mobile app and admin web console
Customised accounting exports
Personalised onboarding and team training
Dedicated customer success manager
Optional discounted annual plans

Do you plan to sign up more than 50 users or do you want to save money with an annual plan? Contact us for a custom pricing.

Volve offers

Quick onboarding

We do not require personal guarantees, credit scores or security deposits.

Virtual cards

Use your Volve virtual card right away upon topping up your Volve account; your physical Volve card will reach you in 3-5 business days.

Instant and free top-ups

Load your Volve account and cards fast, with no fees.

Stay in control while empowering employees

You define custom rights, rules and limitations for each user.

24/7 fraud detection

You are not liable for unauthorized transactions with fraud monitoring, ID theft and purchase protection.

Premium customer support

Contact our team via live chat, email or phone support 24/7.

How can I experience Volve?

Who can apply for a Volve corporate card?

The Volve 2-in-1 corporate prepaid card is available to all corporations and non-individual limited liability companies that are incorporated in Singapore. Not in Singapore? No problem! You can still benefit from Volve’s stand-alone corporate expense management platform by clicking here.

What pricing plans do you offer?

To meet the needs of different businesses, we offer two distinct pricing plans. GROWTH PLAN (‘Per User’ Plan) You are charged a small monthly fee based on the number of users set up in Volve's spend management solution. This plan is recommended for small and medium-sized businesses. You can learn more about the GROWTH PLAN here. ENTERPRISE PLAN (‘Per Active User’ Plan) Based on user frequency, you can order as many Volve Visa corporate prepaid cards as you need and are not billed unless an employee actually uses the card in a given month. We recommend this plan for companies with over 30 employees. You can learn more about the ENTERPRISE PLAN here. CUSTOM PLAN If you are a business planning to use more than 50 Volve Visa corporate prepaid cards, then we can offer you a customised plan based on your needs. Contact us today to save money with a custom plan. All plans include free virtual Volve Visa cards!

What is considered an ‘active user’ with Volve?

To help reduce your costs and maximize value, we offer flexible pricing that means you only pay when your team is actually using Volve. That is why we have created the Enterprise Plan (or ‘Per Active User’ Plan), so you do not have to calculate exactly how many people from your organisation will use the card each month. We consider an ‘active user’ as a team member that uses a Volve corporate prepaid card or logs into Volve for activity in any given month.

Is Volve easy to implement in my company?

We have developed Volve to be a Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) expense management solution that can be integrated into your business quickly and seamlessly within a day. All you need to do is have users download the mobile app - no installation or servers required! Most clients implement Volve into their current finance solutions in less than one hour. But, if you require any assistance in adding Volve to your business, you can contact our support team at any time for full assistance.
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