Volve is embracing its role in climate
change from day one

At Volve we don’t think sustainability is an issue that should be addressed ten years down the road. The climate doesn’t have that long to wait.

We have committed to deal with the entirety of our carbon emissions. From launch. Forever.

This means achieving emissions reductions when possible, purchasing carbon offsets when necessary, and partnering with local climate activists to make sure our company is going beyond simply doing less harm.

This work has already started and will be documented in an upcoming sustainability report.

In the meantime, please email us if you have any questions about how we approach our environmental impact.

Why are we going through all this effort? First and foremost there is the urgency of climate change and our moral responsibility to only grow as a business if we can do so responsibly. Past this, we wanted to create a template for other businesses like ours to follow. If you fall into this category we hope you reach out to us with any questions about the work.

Finally, we’re doing this for our current and prospective users. We wanted to show you that in a corporate landscape riddled with greenwashing and opaque climate pledges, companies can still engage sustainability in a way that is both transparent and digestible.

When you use Volve, we want you to know that the company that stands behind it takes its environmental impact just as seriously as the development of its product.

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